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  Reindeer in Panuma

Welcome to Panuma!

Panuma is a small country village in Northern Finland. It is located in the western part of the town of Pudasjarvi, about 65 km to the east from Oulu, in the direction of Kuusamo.

Our village is located five kilometers from the main road 20 and it is only a half hour's drive from the centre of Pudasjarvi.

Panuma is one of the old reindeer villages of Pudasjarvi. The reindeer remind us of the long history of Pudasjarvi: they have always been a part of  the workday of Pudasjarvi. The reindeer have once been an important means of transport.




The Lake Panuma is large but rather shallow.   Our Beach is one of the most popular children's swimming places in Pudasjarvi.

Panuma is a vital village. In recent years, the village has been growing, as many new detached houses and leisure apartments have been built here.

Although Panuma is located in the midst of forests and swamps, it is a pleasant dwelling place — at least for those just a little more than one hundred people who have their home here.  Panuma is inhabited ever since the 1500's. In old documents, there are records of settlement  from as early as the 1500's. Nowadays no less than one dozen families have their homes in Panuma, a few more houses are in almost regular use all the year round and there is also a number of summer cottages and leisure homes all around the Lake Panuma.

Reindeer racing in Panuma

We make our living here mostly in industry, traffic and service branch,  working in nearby towns like Pudasjärvi or in the city of Oulu. Some of us are entrepreneurs, too.

In Panuma some  tourism and accommodation service with  additional activities is also available. There is also  a reindeer ranch where you can see various farm animals - including sheep, hens and reindeer.